As a young boy growing up in a small town, population 695, in the Midwest, I started to deliver newspapers at the age of eight. On Saturdays I would go around to my customers and collect money. What was left over after paying for the newspapers I could carry over from week to week or I could spend it. I chose to do the first one and put the money in my savings account. At the age of ten, I won a trip to a Minneapolis Lakers Professional Basketball team for selling the most subscriptions. By twelve years of age I wanted to move on, so I gave up my paper route and took a job at a mink farm as my first real job. After two weeks I got my first pay check of $50.00. When I got home that evening, I ran into the living room and showed the check to my father. He looked at me and said, “Never tell me again how much you make. Just show me how much you save.” I said okay. Then I went into the kitchen and asked my mother if I could go downtown to the leather goods store and buy myself a pair of engineer boots like the men wore who worked at the mink farm. Then I asked her the big question if I could buy a buckskin jacket, and she said yes. I still have the jacket today. “Persistence defeats resistance” is a positive affirmation I have used for all of these years throughout my adult life.

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